Forget Expensive Agencies That Expect A Long Term Retainer Contract, High Set-Up Fees And Then Sadly Under Perform. 

We Sell Only High Quality B2C Leads Your Sales Team Will Love, Get A Good Return On Investment. 

If you're a business owner who loves quality leads so your sales team can close them, If your main job is client-acquisition or lead generation to grow your client base or customers, our digital marketing agency can get you there.  

Grow your business to the next level. Scale to maximize profits and 10x your business.

Focus on what you're good at, focus on your business growth and expertise to your customers.  We'll take care of the rest and help you with the best leads to grow your business. 

Our CORE Values

  1. 1
    We believe in connecting with our customers core values as a business. 
  2. 2
    We believe and initiate good relationships with our customers, it doesn’t mean they are always right, but we listen and see if we can come to a mutual agreement, we value win-win…NOT win-lose. IF we can’t come to a mutual agreement we part ways.
  3. 3
    We value open communication and transparency, we have full disclosure in everything we do.
  1. 4
    We don’t believe in over-promising our customers. We simply under-promise and over-deliver. We do our BEST and deliver as promise. 
  2. 5
    We value INTEGRITY. Integrity is an inside job not only with our Agency, but also with our customer’s intentions. We simply believe in “Do what you say and say what you do.”
  3. 6
    We believe in asking the important questions when we are done with a project. “Is this the BEST we given to this task at hand? This brings us to our next CORE value.
  4. 7
    We believe in Constant Improvement, if things are not working, we simply change things up and obtain a new goal, testing is part of what we do, we keep what works, and trash what doesn’t. Things are constantly changing, Ad Platforms change, therefore, constant improvement and expansion is necessary. Go BIG or Go Home!
  5. 8
    We believe in Teamwork, teamwork amongst working together with our client to vendor relationship, and teamwork from a company’s growth and scalability perspective. We believe in Growth, if you’re not growing, you’re actually Dying.

our IDEAL customer profile

Who We Work With:

  • Customers who have awesome, amazing products or services…and wants to share it with the world.
  • Customers who have highly scalable business models, who have a sales process and sales team, who are driven to scale like total badasses.
  • Customers who we truly like being with (cool and probably a tad business nerd). 
  • Customers who have the same kinds of morals (honest and open) and values (lots of integrity) as we do.
  • Customers who treats us with respect.  Trust and respect goes both ways. Customers who are willing and open to change based on our feedback.
  • Customers who have realistic expectations for return on our services.
  • Customers whose products/services we believe in and/or are highly passionate about what they do or sell…if not, then why bother?

Who We Don't Work With:

  • Customers who are difficult to work with. We like honesty and directness, but there is a line that we draw when it comes to rudeness and disrespect.
  • Customers who have poor or non-existent communication skills.
  • Customers who are control freaks and don’t allow us to do what we do best.
  • Customers who have unrealistic expectations for return on our services.
  • Businesses who have deceptive, scammy, low quality products or services. We are the final judge and jury as to which is which.
  • Customers who force customers to purchase based on deceptive sales tactics (see “scammy products” above)…

To that end, we help businesses grow faster with Facebook Ads and other Ad Platforms.  We don't create your business for you, we grow your business with Quality Lead generation.

Our Ideal Full Service Agency Customer Avatar Profile

A customer who has a proven sales process and sales team in place and who meets the “WHO WE WORK WITH” profile above.  Ideally this business owner has a trained sales team or call center who fulfills and closes their leads. They Love The Art of The Sales Close.  This customer already spends and has a BUDGET for Marketing Online and is EAGER to grow their sales efforts and Company.


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