Here's How We Do It

Customer Research

We Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar. Attracting the right people results in a higher number that turns into clients.

We figure out “who they are, where they are, and what to say to them!"

We get into the minds of a market in order to “understand them and their needs/wants/problems better than they do."

Then, we take that info and craft messages that speak specifically and perfectly to that market in a way that creates Know, Like, and Trust.

You get more clients without wasting time on prospects who will never buy from you, NO MORE tire kickers and time wasters.

Highly valuable quality leads, who desperately desire your goods or service, and turn them into paying customers.

customer research targeting

Paid Ads

First, we work with you to understand your business; it’s goals, barriers, clients and more. This helps us formulate an ad copy and sales strategy specific for your business to attract your dream client and multiply sales.

After uncovering the necessary details during Strategy, we use that information and our own customer research to piece the ads together.

Once everything is in place, you’ll start to see more targeted visitors from the paid advertising. We’ll split-test pieces of the process to ensure the maximum conversion rate is being achieved and will continue to monitor and update as required.

Once you know the ads are converting optimally, it’s time to really grow your leads and sales by scaling the campaign. Spending more to make more is the name of the game here

Sales Funnels

Are you struggling to come up with the right system to reliably and predictably scale your online sales?

We will work with you to understand your business and your offer in order to uncover the ideal funnel to scale your online sales.

With so many systems to choose from, and steps required to convert visitors into customers, working with a team will ensure you are on the right path to capture leads and convert those leads into sales reliably and predictably.


We set up contingencies for people who exit the funnel at different stages and don’t complete the process.

We retarget people with value ads and send a series of timed emails in an attempt to bring them back to the funnel and take the next step.

In result, we convert more lead into clients and increase the ROI.

Follow Up

How are you nurturing, persuading and convincing your clients along their customer journey and your sales process?

We make your life easier by automating as much of your follow up and sales process as possible.

Do you need help connecting the pieces of your system together?

We handle all the technical implementations for your system.


By using marketing automation we’re able to connect

all of the pieces together.

By connecting sales funnels, retargeting and marketing automation we turn your campaign into a different animal…A campaign on steroids.

It saves you time, improves the conversion rates and KPI’s which means that we get more bang for your buck. With the increased conversions, we increase ROI.

When it comes to finally pick a digital marketing company, there is always one question left up to chance.

“Will I make my money back, let alone a return on my investment?"

When you do decide to trust a digital marketing agency with your investment, you deserve the utmost detail and the transparency behind your campaign.

To make sure everyone does their part and to avoid leaving money on the table we track every step of the campaign.

We use Results Oriented Structure to make sure we get the results you want and positive Return on your Investment.

1. We track every step of the campaign

  • ONLINE : Reach, Clicks, Conversions, Purchases…
  • OFFLINE :  Call Tracking and Recording, Sneaky Surveys, Secret Shopping, Total Spend vs Total Sales

2. We adjust and optimize the campaign.

Using adaptive projections and scale accordingly.

3. We create a monthly report where you can easily track the process and return on your investment.

We divide the report into two categories:


  • People Reached
  • Clicks to Website
  • Conversions and Opt-ins
  • Bookings
  • Calls
  • Post Engagements
  • Video Views
  • Page Likes


  • Total Spend
  • Total Sales – Purchases
  • Life Time Value of Customer

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